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Quote, unquote and misquote

I said I will be back perhaps wiser and younger. I am back, checked. Wiser? Learning to be. Younger? Damn I forgot to change those numbers around.
I have been reading your blogs many of you have mentioned their reasons for your blogs. Mine is just to share my experience, my thoughts and hopefully get an insight from you, make me wiser and have a good laugh

I am in trouble
Posted:Jan 14, 2018 10:20 pm

Murphy's law caught up with me. Not a good start for 2018. Have you ever experienced having been in trouble then you get sick and then had an accident? That's me for Jan 2018. I feel cursed. I keep thinking what did I do to get all these and what can I do to get out of these? Some say bad luck comes in set of 3. I am hoping that's it for me. I can't help but think if there's someone with me to give support then I will definitely feel much better. A burden is much lesser when share with someone. I know it was all my fault because of the wrong decisions I made and my carelessness.

The problem is when you are struck with bad luck like these and there's no one to help you, you feel weak. You feel down and when you are down things get worse. Work is affected, finances are affected then more troubles come. When you feel like giving up that's the time you need to be stronger and fight. When you feel like you are down that's the time you need to stand up the most.

I feel like a boxer right now who is beaten black and blue. Waiting for that bell and hoping to stay till the judges call a halt . Hoping to gain back my strenght to be able to fight back with a glimpse of hope to win. What matters now is to stay standing and not to get knocked out. Hopefully at the end of this fight, all the pain and sufferings I will be paid back.
Defying Murphy's Law - My Vietnam Experience part 2
Posted:Dec 27, 2017 1:44 am

"OMG!" I thought, after all those preparation, planning, all the excitement and expenses I will be sent back to Manila airport. Not fair , not to me but to my traveling companions. They will be affected because of my lack of diligence. How irresponsible of me. It was an honest mistake, I did not have a doubt that I did not need a visa. Like we say in tagalog, "walang tamang akala." Never assume. Murphy's Law states "If Anything that can go wrong, it will -- at the worst possible moment." Could this be it?

The Vietnamese were not very accommodating, not very helpful. This guy who took my passport just kept passing by without saying a word or giving me instructions. My friends finally went through the immigration and have been waiting for me. I told them just to go ahead without me and not to worry about me. I will be sent back to Manila on the next plane. I was prepared to accept what they will tell me.

A female staff finally came to me and said I should have applied for a visa at least 3 days prior, I can't apply on the spot. She however said she will contact the airline staff and see if they can help me. A Cebu Pacific staff came to me and told me I should have not been allowed to check-in and board the plane without a visa . So it is partly their fault. Because of that he is going to help me get a visa.

I was really meant to be in Vietnam with my friends after all. Why did I say that? First, if my request for leave was not declined I would have flown from Aussie to Vietnam but I would have been stopped at the Aus airport. Second , if my friends did not find out I was already in Manila I would have checked -in on my own and I would have been stopped at Manila airport. Third, if my friends did not ask to check me in and if the staff did not allow it then I would have been asked for my visa at Manila airport. In the end with the endorsement of the airline staff and a travel agent, I was given a visa on the spot and allowed in. How lucky was that? Murphy's law did not apply, it was defied.

The end!
Defying Murphy's Law - My Vietnam Experience
Posted:Dec 25, 2017 5:42 pm

We planned for this trip about 6 months ago when I went back home to Philippines. We are going to travel to Saigon for a holiday. We agreed on the date Nov 29 . It was perfect, we will be there for 5 nights. Their flights booked, 4 months prior. Nothings gonna stop this from happening. The only left to book a flight is me but I have booked our accommodation.

My plan is to fly direct from Aussie and meet them in Ho Chi Min on the 29th. Not possible ,my request for leave for Dec was denied. Plan B, fly to Manila before 29 and fly from Manila to Ho Chi Min. I planned to surprise the group, meet them on the plane if not the airport. My surprise was busted, they found out I am already in Manila. So we agreed to meet at the airport.

I was late to arrive at the airport and the 4 of them already checked in. They told the check in staff that I was coming and ask if they can check me in. Of course we all know that's not allowed but ntheless the staff assigned me a seat and all I need is to present my passport. when I arrive. I can skip the line. Lucky me. I got my boarding pass just like that.

Plane arrive on time, no delays. At the airport my friends got busy exchanging currencies and buying sim card before entering immigration. I was the one hurrying them because their luggages my get left behind. Everyone from our flight have already entered. When I arrived at the immigration counter and presented my passport, they asked for my visa. What? I needed a visa? All these time from the moment we planned it I never thought I needed a visa. I was brought aside to the other counter and was told I will be sent back to Manila on the next plane.

To be continued...
The joy of giving.
Posted:Dec 24, 2017 7:50 am

There's nothing like Christmas in the Philippines. It is truly merry, festive and family oriented. It is a time of the year when you truly feel love. Not just the romantic kind of love but the love of the family, friends and thy neighbors. How do you feel that love? By giving. As a child I remember uncles and aunties gives us presents, our neighbors share their food and everyone who come to our house is offered food. It is a time of the year when no one goes hungry.

Things have changed since we moved to another country and since I became widow and my children have move out. Christmas now is spent alone or with few friends. I know there are many people like me and many are far worse than me. So instead of feeling lonely and sorry we organized a party and will be visiting a nursing home to share a gift of love. There is joy seeing them smile and knowing you somehow made someone happy. There is joy in giving. Christmas will never be sad and lonely if we give unselfishly.

Merry Christmas everybody. May you choose to be happy all the time.
How to break up with someone?
Posted:Dec 15, 2017 3:35 am

I met a guy on line and have met him in person briefly, in Philippines. He was a nice person but not really my type and I don't think we are a good match. Apparently he is my boyfriend when all along I thought I was just being nice and polite to him. He asked me before if it is possible for me to love someone like him. My reply was , "why not, when I can even love stray dogs". I never said I loved him but it seems that , that was his interpretation, which I realize as the days went by. I have tried to distance myself from him and tried to break up with him but was unsuccessful.

I am never used to breaking up with someone without a really valid reason. I am worried about hurting his feelings and sending him to the damps. Now what should I do when I do not really love the guy? I did not mean to hurt or play with his feelings but he misinterpreted my words, or did he? I kinda went along with him, chatting and talking about his dreams and me giving many suggestions. Now he seem so deeply involved with me making plans and talking about marriage. I'm stuck, I don't have the gut to hurt his feelings but I don't really see myself as his wife.

I am hoping for 2 things either I learn to love him or him find someone else and leave me. I just want him as a friend and maybe I just feel sorry for him. I don't really love him. I want to fall in love again. That head over heels feeling but I am sure that's not him. Oh boy. what should I do? How do I break up with an accidental relationship?

Farming and relationship !
Posted:Oct 21, 2017 11:13 pm

I have posted this before using my old handle I am reposting it for someone in an abridge version. Enjoy.

Living in a farm for several years I realized that taking care of your relationship is like farming. A little bit of shit to your plants help. You can’t put too much water nor too much sun. Water I akin to attention and sun to neglect in a relationship and you know what shit is figuratively I suppose. Shit or manure is fertilizer, it nourishes the plants but you can only put so much at a time. If you put a lot of manure or shit in your plant then it will not grow, it may die or grow some toxic weeds or poisonous mushrooms. In the early years of your plant you have to pour a lot of attention to it, you will have to shield it from too much sun, too much rain and the worse weather like typhoon. Yet despite all that efforts you cannot be so sure in the early years if it will give you the fruit you expected but if you continue to look after it you will eventually get the reward.

Once your plant has grown into a tree with established roots it can bear more shit and can withstand harsh weather but you still have to guard it and look after it so that it will continue to give you fruits. Your tree will give you fruits, fulfilment and fill you with pride. Same principle applies to a relationship I think.

I am not an expert in farming or relationship it's just my own personal experience and observation.
3 Stages of Love
Posted:Oct 10, 2017 1:28 am

I received this article in one of my subscribed emails, I can't help but share it with you and get your view. According to the article there are 3 stages of love. First stage is the the "delight". It is the exciting and spark of the moment. It is the time where everything is beautiful and colorful and it feels so right. It is effortless it just happen. This is when we fall in love.

The second stage is "disillusionment". This is when we get to know more of each other and we are having second thoughts and feels like everything is wrong. We find faults in all angle and flaws get magnified. It is a reality check that what we thought was the perfect partner is actually not and that the relationship is far from perfect. This maybe a difficult stage you may think. Could it be a bad thing? Should you walk away? This is the crucial period to find out if it is really love.

The third and last stage , is the "decision". This is the stage where you decide to stick together, to overcome all the perplexities. You decide that you really love this person despite the disillusions, despite all the flaws and imperfection. True love is constant decision to stay together and accept all flaws."Love is a decision. And I believe it’s not just a decision. Love is a commitment. In order for love to last, it should be a series of endless decisions to love. It’s about our actions more than our emotions."

So I agree.
Mango Shake
Posted:Sep 16, 2017 9:17 pm

After 20 years or so I am glad to learn many people lovingly remember me. One of the things that surprised me is how they remember the mango shake I served them. I got comments like: "your mango shake was the best" or "I was amazed watching you make it, I was just a little kid then" or "I tried to make it but yours is different" or "you even make them yourself". True, I used to make mango shake often back then in the Philippines because we had lots of mangoes from our trees. I love making and serving it to my family and friends who come over to our house. To me there was no special ingredients nor secret recipe so I never thought it will be remembered so much.

It made me smile how much these people remembered me and my mango shake. I believe people will remember us with what we did and how we made them feel. Looking back I remember how I always love to make the mango shake myself even though I could have ask someone to do it. I also remember how people I serve are so satisfied and some are embarrassed to be served by me. They may have remember the mango shake as something special but it was not really the mango shake that is special. It was made special because it was made and served with love and smile.

Bizzy's Mango shake

One whole mango, partly ripe.
1 cup ice
a bit of water
Sugar to taste

Mix all ingredients in a blender until all smooth.

Serve in a glass with a genuine smile.

Status complicated
Posted:Sep 3, 2017 12:33 am

Why are mature people so complicated? We have more criteria and we have more conditions to meet when it comes to finding a relationship. As far as I know younger people do not have problem finding a partner in life. Some changes partners as if changing clothes. I guess maturity brought as to a level where there has to certain criteria that need to be met but on the contrary as we mature and are alone the standards are lower yet it is harder to find. The main criteria for mature women is "availability". A partner should have the time to spend with the partner, that's all. The time spent should be consistent, genuine and constant. It comes down to companionship I guess. Any added romance is a bonus.

This brings out another question. Who will you choose? The one who really like you and have time for you or the one who you like most but do not have much time for you?Should women go after the men they like or be just the conventional and wait to be noticed?

OMG , I think I am really old to be talking like this or I am just too old for games, drama and bull shit.

Ok I am going bold, wanted companion for life that have time to spend with me!
Talking out of anger or desperation!
Posted:Aug 23, 2017 10:43 am

At a very young age of about 13 to 15 years old one of the ways to meet people and make new friends is by what we call pen-pal. It was the time when there was no internet and mobile phone. We can see penpal advertisement in some magazines. The curious young girl in me put my name and address or what we call nowadays sign up for a penpal. Not long after I got mails and I am very excited. One particular boy that stuck in my mind is from a far province. He sent me a letter and wrote I love you in his first supposed introductory letter. I wasn't happy about that , I was actually mad, I thought he is crazy and trying to fool me. In my mind at a very young age then you only say I love if you really mean it and you are prepared to spend your life with the other person like in marriage. Those words are sacred and precious and in his letter in my mind he just desecrated and devalue them.

That was then, when I was young and innocent. I still believe that those words are precious and that when you say them you are prepared to be in a special relationship. I have learned though, that some people have different views. To some it is just an ordinary phrase. They seem to have lost their values. They are even used as tools of deception. I am not talking about love of family or friends to whom we should say I love you often. To me now, to say I love you is not just an expression of emotion but also asking someone to love you back. It should not be used as a tool to deceive and make someone fall in love. I believe no one should make someone fall in love without the intention of loving back.

It is better to be straight forward like saying "I love .... " , fill in and complete the sentence. Let me ask you , when do you say I love you? What do you mean when you say it? What is the value of this sentence to you?

I want to hear it from the men too.
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