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Articles by Fiona29

Soltera   8/28/2017

Soltera, a woman who is not married. SOme woman in their mid 20's are somehow worried if they are still single. They would resort to go online and hoping their soulmate could me somewhere behind t

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How to identify a SCAMMER?   11/4/2014

Usually Scammers would pretend to be an only child, widower, either an engineer or an army. He would never show up on cam, and would chat and email you with "flowery words" He would send you a very lo

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10 years after   9/30/2014

It has been 10 years, 3 months exactly today when I first singed up on this site. I was 29 then and internet dating site was an option where to meet a special friend and a possible partner in life. I

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January 27, 2014, after almost a year of chat, few long distance calls and almost everyday emails, we finally meet face to face. I am happy to meet my best virtual friend. We had more than 6 hours tog

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Two Weeks   4/18/2013

How can I forget on the 29th of March, it was a Good Friday when we first encounter. The day we exchange emails, the day we started to get to know each other

Your first helo, introducing you

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DO you think am inlove?   4/17/2013

Can regular exchange of emails and chat make you fall inlove with a guy? Or you must meet him in person to know if it is love?

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An Angel O...   3/30/2013

an angel is a supernatural being or spirit, usually humanoid in form, read in various religious books and even mythologies. We meet angels everyday, angles we call friend. you may not see them but th

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single   3/16/2013

What is wrong with being single? I never close door and ready to mingle. whoever you are, whatever you do i just want to inform you i am waiting for you

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Sand Castle   12/30/2007

Sand castle along sea shore is similar to building a relationship. Why? it is simply because building a sand castle takes a lot of effort patience and hard work... if it is couples with dedication the

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This is it...   11/30/2007

It was in 2004 since i started FFF. I have been trying my luck to meet friends tru this site.... I have been fooled once but i still belive that there is someone out there who could be my friend, ,, P

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wish   5/21/2006

i wish i had a magic wand to say my spell on the land i can use it all around to make evrything at hand i wish my dreams will come true to make evrything so new

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be yourself   1/26/2006

Whoever you are, wherever you are, wheter on a first date or what so ever...just bear in mind not to pretend that your're someone else be yourself...thats the best

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Life...a journey   1/26/2006

i never look at footsteps i just look back instead reminiscing the past so to recall how far i have travelled whenever i look back the times when i was down i couldnt imagine where life

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Be Cautious   11/15/2005

I heard some happy ending stories of people who met tru internet and live happily ever after.... But yet, life is not a fairy tale..... That meeting someone from the internet can lead to tragedy.

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